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3rd Trimester Classes

TeacherClass PeriodClassNotes
Arnold1AP English IV B
Arnold3English I BFULL
Arnold4Pre-AP English III B
Arnold5English I BFULL
Haymond1English II B
Haymond2English II BFULL
Haymond4English II BFULL
Haymond5English II B
Johansen1English IV BFULL
Johansen3English IV BFULL
Johansen4English III BFULL
Johansen5English III BFULL
Winn2English III B
Winn5Health and Wellness 155
Robinson4Drama I
Bowthorpe3Women's Choir
Bowthorpe4Beginning Choir
Bowthorpe5Swing Choir Audition Only
Barrus4Symphony Strings C
Barrus5Concert Orchestra C
Seare2Spring Concert Band
Seare3Wind Ensemble
Stensrud2Design, Color and PaintingFULL
Stensrud3Ceramics AFULL
Stensrud4Ceramic Sculpture B
Aamodt1Fundamentals w/TechFULL
Aamodt2Power, Energy, and Transportation Technology
Aamodt3Mechanical Drafting / CAD
Aamodt5Manufacturing Systems
Sanders1Small Gas EnginesFULL
Sanders2Agricultural Welding
Sanders4Applied Greenhouse/Nursery
Sanders5Applied Greenhouse/Nursery
Copley1Input Technologies / Keyboarding
Copley3Input Technologies / Keyboarding
Copley4Yearbook C
Copley5Digital Scrapbooking FULL
Radford1Teen Living
Radford2Adult Living
Radford4Early Childhood Professions / Intership
Radford5Culinary 2 (International Cuisine)
Richins1Extended Geometry C
Richins2Algebra II BFULL
Richins3Algebra II B
Richins4Geometry BFULL
Hill1Algebra I Extended C
Hill2Senior Math BFULL
Hill3Precalc/Trig B
Hill4Precalc/Trig B
Johnson1Geometry B
Johnson2AP Calculus C
Johnson3Algebra II B
Johnson4Math 144 (Pre-Calc B)
Gee1Sports and Exercise ScienceFULL
Gee3Geometry B
Gee5Geometry B
Romrell1Algebra I B
Romrell3Algebra I Extended C
Melton1Physical Science BFULL
Melton2Geology 104 (IEN)Dual-Credit
Melton3Physical Science BFULL
Melton5Physical Science B
D. Mecham1ZoologyFULL
D. Mecham2ZoologyFULL
D. Mecham3Anatomy and Physiology B
D. Mecham4Human Biology
C. Mecham1US Government B
C. Mecham2US Government B
C. Mecham3US Government B
C. Mecham5US History I B
Jardine1US History I B
Jardine2US History II B
Jardine3US History II B
Jardine4Chinese I B
Fullmer3US History I B
Fullmer4US History I B
Fullmer5US History II B
Mace2Adobe CertificationFULL
Dayley3Lifetime Sports
Dayley4Lifetime SportsFULL
Bennion1JH Weights/ Beg. Strength & Conditioning
Bennion2Advanced Strength and ConditioningFULL
Bennion3Advanced Strength and Conditioning
Bennion5Athletic Strength and Conditioning
Smith1ELL Study Skills
Smith2ELL Study Skills
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