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TeacherClass PeriodClassNotes
Arnold4English I A
Arnold5AP English IV ASENIORS
Haymond2English II B
Haymond3English IV B
Haymond4English II BFull
Haymond5English III A
Johansen1English IV BFull
Johansen3English IV A / Eng101
Johansen4English II A
Johansen5English III B
Winn2Exploring Computer Science
Winn3English III B
Winn4English III A
Hansen1English I AFull
Robinson2Competitive Speech
Robinson3English I B
Robinson4English I BFull
Robinson5Play ProductionFull
Bowthorpe4Women's Choir
Bowthorpe5Men's Choir
Barrus4Orchestra B
Seare2Beginning Jazz BandAudition Only
Seare3Jazz BandAudition Only
Stensrud1Ceramic Sculpture B
Stensrud2Art Medium ExplorationFull
Stensrud3Art I B
Stensrud5Ceramic Sculpture AFull
Aamodt1Fundamentals w/TechFull
Aamodt2Intro to Cabinetry
Aamodt3Advanced Cabinetry A & B
Aamodt4 Arch. DraftingFULL
Sanders1Ag. WeldingFULL
Sanders2Ag. Fabrication AFull
Sanders3Landscape DesignFull
Sanders5Small Gas EnginesFull
Copley1Digital ScrapbookingFULL
Copley3Microsoft Imagine Academy
Copley4YearbookMust have been in class first tri.
Copley5Digital ScrapbookingFull
Radford1Culinary 1 (Foods 2)Full
Radford2Interior Design/Fashion Design
Radford4Early Childhood Professions / IntershipMust be atleast a sophomore and have passed Parent Child Development
Radford5Culinary 1 (Foods 2)Full
Richins1Algebra II B
Richins2Geometry B
Richins3Algebra II B
Richins4Extended Geometry B
Hill2Precalc / Trig A
Hill3Senior Math B
Hill4Algebra I Extended B
Hill5Algebra II A
Johnson1Algebra II A
Johnson2AP Calculus B (Math 170)
Johnson3Geometry A
Johnson4Math 143 (Pre-Calc A)
Gee1Chemistry B
Gee3College Prep (ACT/SAT Prep)
Gee5Geometry A
Romrell1Algebra I A
Romrell2Algebra I Extended B
Romrell4Algebra I B
Romrell5Algebra I B
Melton1Geology 101 (IEN, Dual-Credit)
Melton3Physical Science AFull
Melton4Geology 104 (Dual-Credit)You do not need to take GEO 101 first
Melton5Physical Science BFull
D. Mecham1Biology
D. Mecham2ZoologyFull
D. Mecham4Biology
D. Mecham5Anatomy and Physiology A
C. Mecham1US Government B
C. Mecham2US Government A
C. Mecham3US Government B
C. Mecham4History of the HolocaustSeniors ONLY
Jardine1US History II A
Jardine3US History I B
Jardine4US History II A
Jardine5US History II B
Fullmer1US Government A
Fullmer2US History I A
Fullmer4US History II BFull
Fullmer5US History I B
Mace1Consumer Economics
Mace2Adobe Certification
Dayley3Lifetime Sports
Dayley4Lifetime SportsFull
Bennion1JH Weights/ Beg. Strength & ConditioningFull
Bennion2Advanced Strength and Conditioning
Bennion3Advanced Strength and Conditioning
Bennion5Advanced Strength and ConditioningFull
Smith2ELL Study Skills
IEN Room2ECON 201 (CSI Dual Credit, Ririe)
IEN Room3SOCY 102 (CWI Dual Credit, Rigby)
IEN Room4ENGL 102 Eng. Composoition (CWI Dual-Credit)
IEN Room5COMM 101 (CSI Dual Credit, Madison)
Baird5Aca Deca B
Burton2Intro to Law EnforcementFULL
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