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Driver’s Education

A student can take Driver’s Ed when they are 14½ years old. To sign up for a class fill out the form below and decide what session you would like to sign up for. Classes will be in the mornings before school.  Each student will drive for a total of 6 hours and observe for at least 6 hours. Those interested in IDLA Driver’s Ed, click here for the IDLA info sheet.

If you have any questions please contact John Ochs at

2021-2022 School Year Schedule

Session 1: August 23rd-October 1st SESSION FULL

Session 2: October 11th – November 19th SESSION FULL

Session 3: January 3rd – February 9th

Session 4: February 28th – April 8th

Session 5: April 18th – May 27th

Session 6: June 6th – June 24th

Driver’s Education Costs

The Idaho State Department of Education recently approved changes to payment for the driver’s education program. As a result, all full-time students of Sugar-Salem School District may take Driver’s Education for free. Non-full-time students and out-of-district students must pay $225 to take Driver’s Ed through Sugar-Salem.

Driver’s Ed Payment FAQ

What if I’m taking released-time seminary? Am I a full-time student?

Yes! If you are taking seminary you are still considered a full-time student and can take Driver’s Ed for free.

I take classes online from home part of the school day, but come to school for three class periods. Am I still free?

You would qualify as a part-time student, and would have to pay $225 for Driver’s Ed.

What if I live outside the district boundaries but I am attending Sugar-Salem?

If you are attending Sugar-Salem full time, you qualify to take Driver’s Ed for free.

What if I live in Sugar-Salem’s boundaries but I attend another school?

If you are not attending Sugar-Salem High School, you will have to pay $225 to take Driver’s Ed here.

What if I paid for Driver’s Ed before these changes were made, but my child hasn’t taken the class?

If you have paid and your student is signed up for an upcoming session, you will receive a refund check from the school for the amount of your payment.

Worried About the Written Test?

Does the idea of the written test fill you with fear and anxiety? Feel like you have no idea how to prepare for the written test? Click the link below to prepare for the written test! has a free practice test.