Block Schedule

The school year at Valley View is divided into 15 blocks. Students work on one subject during one block. Students also have the opportunity to earn two credits a block if they wish to double up on their studies, working twice as hard. The curriculum is based upon the state requirements set forth by the Idaho state Board of Education. The primary focus is on academics requirements for graduation. Valley View is accredited by both the Idaho State Board of Education and the Idaho NWAC/ Advanced ED accredited schools organization.

The block schedule has been updated for the 2019-2020 school year and is available below.

Block NumberStart DateEnd Date

Trimester 1

Block 1August 21September 6
Block 2September 9September 24
Block 3September 25October 23
Block 4October 24November 8
Block 5November 11November 26

Trimester 2

Block 6December 2December 17
Block 7December 18January 13
Block 8January 14January 31
Block 9February 3February 19
Block 10February 20March 5

Trimester 3

Block 11March 9March 23
Block 12March 24April 8
Block 13April 9May 1
Block 14May 4May 18
Block 15May 19June 4

Valley View Graduation

Thursday, May 28th at 6:00 PM