Annual Meeting Business

Agenda Section: General Agenda Items
Action Choices: Action
Additional Information: This is the time for the board to conduct business of the Annual Meeting. This includes: A. Reorganization of the Board of Trustees including Board Chair, Board Vice Chair, appointment of board members to sit on standing committees - Library Board, Booster Club, and Education Foundation B. Set regular dates of board meetings C. Designate Supt to sign all legal documents - Alan Dunn D. Appoint Board Treasurer - Becky Bates E. Appoint Board Clerk - Becky Bates F. Approve principals and assistant principals as those authorized to sign checks on school accounts G. Appoint school secretaries as Assistant Treasurers H. Designate public polling places - District Office, Sugar Post Office, Newdale Post Office I. Designate bank depositories - List provided by Ms. Bates
Superintendent's Recommendation: Do Pass