Bond Purchases of Computers for Kershaw and JH

Agenda Section: Consent
Action Choices: Action
Additional Information: With the recent passage of the bond levy we are moving ahead in several different projects. There is funding earmarked for laptops at the JH. However, since Mr. Cook has gotten an excellent price we propose the purchase of laptops for both the JH and Kershaw. Funding was set aside in the amount of 36,000 for two labs (60 computers + licencing) for the Junior High. Laptops (32) are also needed at Kershaw. Laptops for JH are coming in at approximately $350 each for a total of $21,000. We can purchase another 32 for $11,200. This would leave us with enough money to purchase extra batteries out of the allotted amount. These computers are off lease and have i5 processors, 8gb ram, 128 ssd drives, and will work great for the students at the JH, we will move the computers from jh to Kershaw and help them get more computers at their school. I got 6 quotes 4 of which were valid The first one was from "2nd Gear" for $358, shipped with 3 year warranty and the 2nd was from "General Procurement" for $339. It does include shipping but warranty of only 90 days. The 3rd quote was from "CDI" $439, included shipping and 3 year warranty and the 5th was from "STS" for $389, and included shipping and 3 year warranty. Mr. Cook recommends the lowest bid with a 3 year warranty from "2nd Gear."
Superintendent's Recommendation: Do Pass
Located in: October