Partner With a Positive Influence - Terri Shirley

Agenda Section: Presentation/Discussion
Action Choices: Information
Additional Information: "Mrs. Shirley always helps people when they are sad and is always nice." Shaylee Dewsnup, 4th Grade Student "Mrs. Shirley is nice and helpful. It's cool that she does cheer and helps our school. She helps everybody and that is Awesome!" Kenyon Clay, 5th Grade Student "Mrs. Shirley is kind, helpful, beautiful, and she is always there for everybody. She always helps people and encourages people. She is amazing in every way and people love her for that!" Jaidyn Hirschi, 5th Grade Student "Mrs. Shirley was very helpful to me when I was new to Kershaw. She is so nice to everyone! She also has an awesome smile." Heather Merrill, 6th Grade Student "Mrs. Shirley is so good at handling any situation. She is the greatest at remembering names." Dax Wood, 6th Grade Student "Mrs. Shirley is so AWESOME because she supports our school, and all the schools. She makes sure we are ok when we are hurt. She makes sure the school is neat and organized. She helps out the cheer team. She is so AWESOME. She is the best! I'm so glad she is our secretary." Alyssa Quirl, 6th Grade Student "There are many reasons that Terri is a fantastic secretary. She does a great job with helping students, parents, as well as staff at school. She is consistently helpful, and she is part of why our school runs smoothly. Besides all her hard work, she is fun to talk to and always seems to know when the staff needs a little treat or fresh popcorn to get through the day." Kevin VanWagner, 4th Grade Teacher "Terri is more than a secretary in our school, she is a friend to all. Whenever I need anything from needing school supplies ordered to fixing the copy machine, she gets it done and never complains. Terri goes the extra mile to make our working environment a fun place to be by making sure things are clean, putting goodies in the teacher's lounge, and popping our popcorn which is seasoned to perfection. She is helpful and friendly to all of the staff, students, and parents here at Kershaw. Terri is the glue which holds us all together." Merilee Galbraith, 5th Grade Teacher "Terri Shirley is a fantastic secretary! She is such an important part of our school as she is usually the first person that parents and visitors see when they visit our school. She always greets everyone warmly and with a smile. Terri is always positive and willing to help teachers, aides, students, and parents with whatever they may need. She is compassionate and kind to all the students.Terri is efficient and organized and on top of any situation that may arise. She is an outstanding secretary and person! We all love Terri!" Helen Stewart, 6th Grade Teacher "Terri is a fantastic secretary and an amazing person. I truly appreciate the way that she takes care of students, staff, parents, and me along with all of the other big projects and small details that she admirably and graciously handles day-in and day-out!" Neil Williams, Principal
Superintendent's Recommendation: No Action Required
Located in: December