Partner With a Positive Influence - Cathy Harris

Agenda Section: Presentation/Discussion
Action Choices: Discussion
Additional Information: Cathy has been a bus driver for our district for over 20 years. She has been an outstanding driver,caring for the well being of the students and co-workers alike. The students lover her. shes always smiling and kind. She's always gone the extra mile,being on time. keeping her bus clean ,always doing anything extra that shes asked to do. She's one of the unsung hero's of our district that makes this such a special place to be a part of. These are some of our favorite qualities that describe our bus driver Cathy Harris: creates a safe environment, kind to kids of all ages, accommodating to parents, plays great music and appropriate video's, fun to be with, enjoys the holidays, and relates to the students on her bus. We have lived here for 21 years and in each of these situations she has been a phenomenal example of being a great bus driver. She is known throughout the district as being a wonderful person. We love her Kevin and Julie Lee and family
Superintendent's Recommendation: No Action Required
Located in: February