Bus Purchase

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Additional Information: Memo: March 2, 2018, from Jeff Luthy, Sugar-Salem Transportation Director To the Sugar-Salem School Board and Superintendent: The transportation department would like to make the following requests: First, during our recent audit with the state transportation specialist, it was brought to my attention that we should have a board-approved ad-hoc committee to help with the oversight of bus safety. This March is the time to review and update any areas of safe busing for the district. I have contacted Arlin Jacobson, Danny Christensen, Necia Hoopes and Stephanie Madsen to help with this effort. Therefore, I am asking for board approval of these people to serve on the Safe Busing Committee. Second, we would like to purchase two new route buses for the district and possibly a used small bus. Because our fleet is getting older every year, the need to update buses is a constant concern. The average age of our buses is 12 years old. There are enough funds in the depreciation account to purchase one bus and provide half the price of a second bus. The other funding would come from monies set aside in the last bond to buy buses in the next fiscal year, so funding should not be a problem. The bus type we are looking at is a conventional-style 78 passenger in an 84 passenger shell. Conventional style buses have a significantly lower purchase price compared to the transit type and also have many benefits in ease of maintenance and lower related upkeep costs. The third thing we would like to do is purchase six new camera systems which would upgrade current systems from VHS to digital and install camera systems in those buses that currently do not have any recording devices. There are two buses that have VHS systems which need replacement. Three busses have single-camera systems that we would like to upgrade to a four-camera system. One bus currently does not have a camera system. The funding for these purchases would come from this year’s transportation budget. I also have pre-approval from the state to help with reimbursement for this purchase. This is also a line-item in the bond for the coming year.
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