Recommendation for the purchase of two buses

Agenda Section: Action
Action Choices: Action
Additional Information: To the School Board and Superintendent The Transportation Department is requesting approval to go to bid for a route bus and a dual purpose bus to be used for trips and a spare for routes . With the failure to get bus # 14-22 repaired for the start of the school year and the additional loss of bus 96-13 in the wreck last year and 99-19 with a cracked engine block. We have need of two more buses to fill the needs of the district. We have found a stock model conventional IHC bus that is last years hold over model In Idaho Fall at Rush Trucks it would fit our needs for a route bus . We would be able to purchase it at a substantial savings to the district. It would be treated like a current model purchase by the dealer Rush Trucks, the estimated cost would be $78,500 to $79,000 final pricing would depend on options we would need ( two radio interior camera system etc.) a real plus is we could take delivery this fall . To order a new one equivalent to the previously mentioned one the approximate cost would be $83,000 to $85,000 depending on options. The other bus we would like to get would be used for trips and a spare bus for routes, this bus we are working on the bid specifications. It would need storage bays an expanded seating plan a larger fuel tank and a few other options to fit both needs. This bus would be a transit style the cost for this bus would be $105,000 to $110,000 There is approximately 215,000 dollars in the bus depreciation account,so funding either purchase could be done with out any fore seen problems. We are looking forward to the coming school year and the plans we have in place to fill the districts transportation needs. Jeff Luthy Transportation Supervisor
Superintendent's Recommendation: Do Pass
Located in: August 2015