High School Track and Scoreboard information

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Additional Information: Mr. Jenks and Mr. Miller will be here to provide further information about the state of the HS Track and what they are doing about the situation. Here is some information: We have been discussing with Russ Michaelson a plan to generate $100,00.00 to resurface the track and put up new scoreboards for the Football,Softball, and Baseball fields. We intend to sell advertising that would be hung on the scoreboard. The track is in desperate need of resurfacing. The estimated cost is $80,000.00 to resurface the track. The cost of the scoreboard with twenty advertising signs is $60,000.00. The cost of the two scoreboards for the softball and baseball fields will be $6,200.00. The current scoreboards for the baseball and softball fields are not repairable. We are proposing that we generate $100,000.00 through fundraising, the high school and activities contributes $10,000.00, and the remaining $35,000.00 be borrowed but returned to the district through the 8 in 6 program. Last year, the 8 in 6 program generated $20,000.00. This year, I anticipate the 8 in 6 program will generate $30,000.00 or more. The track is an example of things that we should strive to work together on to establish a plan about how to resurface it every ten years. The track has not been resurfaces since it was installed. The track was installed twenty years ago or more. Thanks for your consideration. Jared Jenks and Jay Miller
Superintendent's Recommendation: Do Pass
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