Substitutes for Certificated Staff

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Additional Information: We are experiencing a very difficult time in getting substitute teachers to come to our district. There has been a suggestion that we increase the daily rate for substitute teachers. Below is what some other districts are paying and attached is a spreadsheet with detailed information about our substitute pay, numbers of substitutes hired this year, up to this point, etc. 1. Snake River pays $75/day for subs for teachers and special ed aides - they pay $80/day for days 6-10 and they pay $87/day for day 11 and beyond. 2. Ririe pays their subs at $7.85/hour - the subs work from 8:15 am - 3:30 pm - they work with students during the lunch period and they do copying or other work for teachers or do playgound duty during the teacher's prep period. 3. Butte County pays $8/hour for a sub with no degree, $8.25/hour for a sub with a bachelor's degree or higher. Their long-term rate is $8.75/hour without a degree and $9.00/hour for long-term with a bachelor's degree. 4. Firth pays $55/day for all subs. After 10 days they receive an additional $15/day for non-certified subs and a certified sub goes to the base teacher's rate. 5. Madison pays $50/day for someone with an associates degree or less education, $55/day for a 4 year college degree, and $60/day for an individual who is certified. For extended subs for a teacher who is on extended leave, we pay $76/day for 20-49 days & $105/day for 50 days or more. 6. Mackay pays $8.67 an hour, for someone with 36 credits $9.71 and for long term which starts on their 11th consecutive day $10.88.
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