Sugar Salem School District's Teacher Who Makes a Difference

Agenda Section: Presentation/Discussion
Action Choices: Information
Additional Information: Claudia Mecham is this month's Teacher Who Makes a Difference. Mrs. Mecham has taught Government / AP Government at Sugar Salem High School for the past three years. Students appreciate her passion and dedication. She is a ray of sunshine! Here are some comments from her students. Edith Gonzalez - I believe that Mrs. Mecham should be nominated because she is fantastic! I love being in her class because she is always so excited about starting a new day. Many students look forward to her class because it is such a different environment from the others. Mikayla Meyers - Mrs. Mecham knows how to teach the students in a way that they know how to learn. She makes her classes really interesting and fun. It’s even better that she knows what she is talking about and is passionate about what she teaches. It isn't just a job to her. Mason Parker - Mrs. Mecham has a great way of making everyone in her classes feel the need to try their best. I've seen many students who struggle with other teachers do exceptionally well in her class. She does a good job of providing all her students with the knowledge they will need to know to do well in her class. Kelten Leavitt - Mrs. Mecham is a great teacher because she always comes to class with a smile on her face and ready to teach. Even before I took one of her classes, I knew that she was an amazing teacher. As I walked into her classroom on the first day of class, she was so nice and kind and talked to each of us individually. I could tell that she really enjoys her job, and she loves the students that she teaches. She took the time to get to know all of us. Mrs. Mecham is just like one of the kids. She has such a fun and humorous personality. She always makes sure that her class is fun and that everyone leaves in a better mood than when they walked in. If you've had one of her classes, then you know that there is never a dull moment when you're around her. These are just some of the reasons that Mrs. Mecham has become my favorite teacher.
Superintendent's Recommendation: Do Pass
Located in: March