Approval for purchase of desks at Kershaw

Agenda Section: Consent
Action Choices: Action
Additional Information: Mr. Dunn and School Board, I am requesting the purchase of 140 desks and chairs to replace worn out ones in the 4th and 5th grades. 140 desks/chairs will furnish 5 classrooms with 28 desks/chairs per classroom (28 x 5 = 140). I have brought in 5-6 different desks for teachers to preview along with 3-4 different chairs over the course of the last 12 months, and have now found a desk and chair that is of high quality and reasonably priced. The price of the desks have ranged from $99 to $240 while the chairs have ranged from $40 to $85. The desk that I am recommending that we purchase is called the Jr. Executive Desk at a cost of $161/desk and the chair is a navy blue cantilever chair at a cost of $49.64/chair. As I have worked with the two separate companies, they have both brought the cost of their product down considerably due to the amount of chairs/desks that we would be ordering. Chairs: 140 chairs x $49.64/chair = $6,949.60 Chairs: Shipping & Handling = $650.00 Chair Total = $7,599.60 Desks: 140 desks x $161/desk = $22,540.00 Desks: Shipping & Handling = $4,904.00 Desk Total = $27,444.00 Chair and Desk Total = $35,043.60 We set aside $30,000 from the levy for the purchase of new desks and chairs at Kershaw Intermediate School. I will pay for anything above $30,000 out of my school budget. I am attaching the two estimates. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that I can help out with. Thanks, Neil Williams
Superintendent's Recommendation: Do Pass
Located in: October