Extracurricular Activities Fee Increase JH/HS

Agenda Section: Action
Action Choices: Action
Additional Information: Junior High Request by Mr. Schultz: As the junior high athletic director, I request Board approval of an increase in athletic participation fees from $ 40 per sport to $ 65 per sport beginning in the 2016-17 school year. Currently, the junior high retains $20 of the $40 travel fee to pay for all costs for the programs, including equipment, uniforms, and officials. The District receives the other $20 for travel expenses. In this proposal, I am asking the $40 of the $65 per sport be used for the cost of the program and the remaining $25 to be dedicated to the district for travel. I am fully aware that this increase may negatively affect the number of students able to participate; however, without gate receipts or a designated athletic budget, I have little recourse. HS request by Mr. Miller This email is to inform you that there is a great need to increase the Extracurricular Fee by $2​5​ dollars for the 2016-2017 school year. Student athletes currently pay $60 dollars of which $30 goes back to the district for transportation. This doesn't leave us with enough operating money to cover the costs of our very active extracurricular programs and the increasing costs associated with them. The increases include; The Mountain Rivers Conference officials fees/travel per game which was approved and started the beginning of this year, apparel for team uniforms and manufacturing costs (we purchase on average 3 sets of team uniforms per year on a 4 year rotating basis), equipment purchases for all programs including balls, first-aid supplies, bats, etc., and hotel expenditures sharply increased from even a couple years ago. As one of the administrators overseeing these programs I desperately urge you to approve this $2​5​ increase so the essential needs of the extra-curricular programs can be met. (Each student athlete would pay a total of $8​5​ per activity)
Superintendent's Recommendation: Do Pass
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