3rd Trimester Schedule Changes Are Open!

    3rd Trimester

    Class Period Class to Add Alternate Choice
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    2nd Hour
    3rd Hour
    4th Hour
    5th Hour

    2020-2021 Classes

    3rd Trimester Classes

    Note: Some of these classes will not be available to select, as some classes are already full.
    TeacherPeriod 1Period 2Period 3Period 4Period 5
    ArnoldAP English BReadingEnglish I BReading
    BarrusSymphony Strings BOrchestra C
    BennionBeginning Strength and ConditioningAdvanced Strength and ConditioningAdvanced Strength and ConditioningAthletic Strength and Conditioning
    BowthorpeBeginning ChoirConcert ChoirSerenedes
    ChaseGen Reading/ Lab CGen Science B/ Lab CGen Math CLab C
    FaldmoInput TechnologiesDigital ScrapbookingDigital Scrapbooking
    DavenportEnglish II BEnglish I BEnglish II BEnglish I B
    DayleyGirls WeightsLifetime Sports
    FullmerU.S. History AEconomicsU.S. History ACurrent Events
    GeeBiology BSports ScienceJunior College PrepBiology B
    HavensEnglish for Life A/9&10 LabMath for Life C/ 9 & 10 LabCollege/Career Readiness/ Lab9& 10 Lab/ Chase Lab
    HillSenior Math BSenior Math BSenior Math BExtended Algebra II C
    IversonEnglish III BEnglish II BEnglish III BEnglish II B
    JardineU.S. History BU.S. History BChinese BU.S. History B
    JohansenEnglish IV BEnglish IV BEnglish IV BEnglish III B
    JohnsonMath 144Math 170 Calculus CAlgebra II BALEKS
    MaceInput TechnologiesAdobe CertificationYearbookConsumer Economics
    C. MechamU.S. Government BU.S. Government BU.S. Government BU.S. History A
    D. MechamBiology BHuman BiologyHuman BiologyBiology B
    D. RichinsGeometry CAlgebra I CPhysical Science BPhysical Science B
    ParkerDC SpanishWorld Language ExplorationSpanish I BSpanish I B
    RadfordAdvanced CulinaryInternational FoodsBaking & PastriesFoods and Nutrition 1
    T. RichinsGeometry CExtended Algebra II CGeometry CGeometry C
    RicksPhotographyCeramic Sculpting BCeramic Sculpting ADesign, Color, and Painting
    RobinsonSpeechEnglish I BDC SpeechSpeech
    RomrellPhysical Science BAlgebra I CPhysical Science BForensic Science
    HyerLandscape DesignGreenhouse NurseryForestry & Wildlife ManagementFish and Wild Life Science
    SeareSpring Concert BandWind Ensemble
    ChristeanELL Study SkillsKershaw/ Junior High/ Central
    TerryAlgebra I CGeometry CAlgebra I CGeometry C
    WinnHealthHLTH 255504 Lab CHealth
    WoodWildlife ManagementSmall Gas EnginesAg WeldingConstruction Systems A