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2018-2019 Classes

1st Trimester
 1st Period2nd Period3rd Period4th Period5th Period
FullmerU.S. Government A (Full)U.S. History II AU.S. History I A (Full)U.S. History I A
C. MechamU.S. Government AStudent CouncilU.S. History I AU.S. Government A
RobinsonSpeech (Full)SpeechDramaTechnical Design (Full)
GeeBiology (Full)Senior Math A (Full)Chemistry APhysics A
MeltonPhysical Science A (Full)Geology 101Physical Science APhysical Science A
BarrusSymphony Strings AOrchestra A
CopleyDigital ScrapbookingMicrosoft IT AcademtYearbook AInput Technologies
WinnHealth 255Exploring Computer ScienceGeneral LabHLTH 255
BennionBeginning Strength and ConditioningAdvanced Strength and ConditioningAdvanced Strength and ConditioningFootball Strength and Conditioning
RadfordParent & Child DevelopmentParent & Child Development (Full)Foods & Nutrition 1 (Full)Foods & Nutrition 1 (Full)
SandersIntro to AgAg WeldingIntro to Ag MechanicsFloral Design (Full)
PriceEnglish III AEnglish III AEnglish IV AEnglish III A
JohansenEnglish IV AEnglish IV AEnglish III AEnglish II A (Full)
MalmEnglish I A (Full)English II A (Full)English II A (Full)English I A
ArnoldReadingEnglish I APre AP English AEnglish I A
SmithDebateELL Study Skills
D. MechamHuman BiologyEnvironmental ScienceBiologyBiology
AamodtFund of TechnologyIntro to Cabinetry (Full)Construction Systems AArch Drafting
RomrellForensic Science (Full)Extended Algebra I AAlgebra I AAlgebra I A
BairdAca Deca A
RicksPhotography (Full)Art I A (Full)Art Medium Exploration (Full)Ceramic Sculpting A (Full)
Dual CreditCOMM 101
HillPre Calc/Trig APre Calc/Trig ASenior Math A (Full)Extended Algebra I A
JohnsonMath 170 Calculus AAlgebra II A (Full)Algebra II AAlgebra II A
MaceConsumer Economics (Full)Consumer Economics
JardineU.S. History I A (Full)U.S. History II AChineseU.S. History II A
DayleyLifetime SportsLifetime Sports
SeareFall Concert BandPercussion Ensemble
BowthorpeAdvanced Concert ChoirSugar Seniors
RichinsGeometry AExtended Geometry AGeometry AGeometry A (Full)
2nd Trimester
GeeChemistry BBiology (Full)College PrepSenior Math A
RobinsonCompetetive SpeechEnglish I BEnglish I BPlay Production (Full)
MeltonPhysical Science APhysical Science APhysical Science B (Full)Physical Science B
BowthorpeWomen's ChoirMen's Choir
C. MechamU.S. Government AU.S. Government BU.S. Government BHolocaust & Human Rights
AamodtFund of Technology (Full)Intro to Cabinetry (Full)Advanced CabinetryFund of Technology
SandersAg FabricationLandscape DesignAnimal ScienceFloral Design (Full)
HillPre Calc/Trig APre Calc/Trig BSenior Math BExtended Algebra I B
PriceEnglish IV AEnglish III BEnglish III BEnglish III B
JohansenEnglish IV B (Full)English 101 (this class will count for IV A or IV B)English IV BEnglish II B
MalmEnglish I AEnglish III AEnglish II BEnglish III A
SmithDebate/ELLELL Study Skills
CopleyDigital Scrapbooking (Full)Input Technologies (Full)Yearbook BDigital Scrapbooking (Full)
Dual CreditCOMM 101
JardineU.S. History II AU.S. History I BU.S. History II AChinese
RadfordFoods & Nutrition 2 (Full)Interior Design (Full)Foods & Nutrition 2 (Full)Beginning Culinary
ArnoldReadingEnglish IAEnglish II AAP English A
D. MechamHuman BiologyZoologyBiologyAnatomy & Physiology A
RomrellAlgebra I AExtended Algebra I BForensic Science (Full)Algebra I B
BennionBeginning Strength and Conditioning (Full)Advanced Strength and ConditioningAdvanced Strength and ConditioningAdvanced Strength and Conditioning (FULL)
BairdAca Deca B
FullmerU.S. History I AU.S. Government AU.S. History II BU.S. History I B
RicksArt I BArt I A (Full)Ceramic Sculpting BCeramic Sculpting A (Full)
DayleyLifetime SportsLifetime Sports (Full)
RichinsAlgebra II AGeometry BAlgebra II BExtended Geometry B
CookMicrosoft Certification A
WinnHealthExploring Computer ScienceHealth 255General Lab
JohnsonGeometry BMath 170 Calculus BGeometry AMath 143
MaceConsumer EconomicsAdobe Certification
BarrusOrchestra B
BurtonIntro to Law Enforcement (Full)
SeareBeginning Jazz BandAdvanced Jazz Band
3rd Trimester
AamodtFund of Technology
Power, Energy, & TransportationArch DraftingIntro Manufacturing Systems/Plastic
ArnoldAP English BReading
Pre AP English BReading
BarrusSymphony Strings COrchestra C
BennionBeginning Strength and ConditioningAdvanced Strength and ConditioningAdvanced Strength and Conditioning
Athletic Strength and Conditioning
BowthorpeBeginning ChoirSwing ChoirJazz Choir
C. MechamU.S. Government B
U.S. Government BU.S. Government BU.S. History I B
Microsoft Certification B
CopleyInput Technologies
Input Technologies
Yearbook CDigital Scrapbooking
D. MechamHuman Biology
Anatomy & Physiology BZoology
DayleyLifetime SportsLifetime Sports
Dual Credit
FullmerEconomicsU.S. History I BU.S. History I BU.S. History II B
GeePhysics BSenior Math BSports ScienceGeometry B
HillExtended Algebra I CSenior Math B
Pre Calc/Trig BPre Calc/Trig B
JardineU.S. History I BU.S. History II BU.S. History II BU.S. History II B
JohansenEnglish IV B
English III BEnglish IV BEnglish III B
JohnsonMath 144AP Calculus CGeometry BAlgebra II B
MaceConsumer EconomicsAdobe Certification
MalmEnglish I B
English I BEnglish I BEnglish ! B
MeltonGeology 104Physical Science BPhysical Science BPhysical Science B
PriceEnglish III BEnglish II BEnglish II BEnglish II B
RadfordTeen Living
Adult Living
International Foods
Adcanced Culinary
RichinsExtended Geometry CAlgebra II BAlgebra II BGeometry B
Design, Color, and PaintingCeramic Sculpting A
Ceramic Sculpting B
RomrellForensic ScienceExtended Algebra I CAlgebra I BAlgebra I B
Sanders Ag Electrical SystemsAg WeldingAg WeldingGreenhouse Nursery
SeareSpring Concert BandWind Ensemble
SmithELL Study Skills
WinnHealthGeneral LabHealthHLTH 255