Here you will find the full activities calendar and academic calendar, as well as calendars for various clubs and organizations.

Please note that due to Covid-19, activity scheduling will be very fluid throughout the coming school year. We will do our best to keep you informed, but please be in communication with the students you are coming to watch in case any last-minute adjustments are made!

Also, as many of you are aware, spring sports scheduling can be very fluid–especially early in the Spring. Please keep in contact with your athletes to be sure that meets/games are happening and haven’t been cancelled or postponed due to weather.

Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Click here for a PDF version: 21-22 School Calendar – Posted 13 August 2021

Activities Calendar
Boys Soccer
8/14/21Idaho Falls JamboreeA11:00 AM
8/24/21AberdeenH6:00 PM3:00 PM
8/26/21American FallsA6:00 PM12:45 PM1:00 PM
8/28/21Marsh ValleyA1:00 PM8:15 AM
8/30/21AberdeenA6:00 PM12:45 PM1:00 PM
8/31/21Preston (Varsity Only)H5:30 PM
9/9/21Marsh ValleyH6:00 PM
9/11/21Snake RiverA1:00 PM8:00 AM
9/14/21American FallsH6:00 PM
9/18/21Preston (Varsity Only)A1:30 PM8:00 AM
9/21/21South FremontA6:00 PM
9/23/21FirthA6:00 PM
9/28/21TetonH6:00 PM
9/30/21South FremontH6:00 PM
10/2/21Snake RiverH1:00 PM
10/5/21FirthH6:00 PM
10/7/21TetonA6:00 PM
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Cross Country
DateMeetDeparture TimeMeet Time
08/27Night at the Races (Idaho Falls Community Park)7:00 PM8:00 PM
09/1Valley Invite (Valley High School)11:15 AM4:00 PM
09/10Tiger Grizz Invitational (Idaho Falls Freeman Park)10:15 PM4:00 PM
09/16Harriman Invitational (Ashton Island Park)1:00 PM3:00 PM
09/25Bob Firman Invitational (Boise Eagle Island Park)8:45 AM
10/1Dani Bates Invitational (Twin Falls Golf Course)4:00 PM
10/7Bob Conley Invitational (Pocatello Portneuf Wellness)12:00 PM
10/13Preston Invitational (Preston Golf Course)3:00 PM
10/203A District VI Championships (Idaho Falls Freeman Park)4:00 PM
10/30State Cross Country (Boise Eagle Island Park)9:00 AM
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Fine Arts
August 24-25H.S. Musical Auditions
August 30H.S. Musical Rehearsals begin
October 20Fall H.S. Choir Concert7:00 PMAuditorium
November 1Choir Workshop
November 5, 6, 8, & 9H.S. MusicalAuditorium
November 11Veterans Day AssembliesJ.H. & H.S.
November 11J.H. Fine Arts Night6:00 PMJ.H. Gym
November 13Chamber Orchestra Retreat
November 13District Drama
November 17Fall H.S. Band Concert7:00 PMAuditorium
November 18Fall H.S. Orchestra Concert7:00 PMAuditorium
December 3-4State Drama
December 16Christmas Montage Concert7:00 PMLocation TBD
January 4Honors OrchestraBYU-Idaho
February 2-5Idaho All State Conference
February 23Winter Choir Concert7:00 PMAuditorium
February 24J.H. Fine Arts Night6:00 PMJ.H. Multipurpose room
February 25, 26, 28, and March 1H.S. Winter PlayAuditorium
March 2Winter H.S. Orchestra Concert7:00 PMAuditorium
March 11 & 12Glenn Miller Night
March 14District VI Solo & Small Ensemble FestivalSouth Fremont
April 27Choir FestivalSugar-Salem
April 30Lagoon Orchestra Trip
May 2Orchestra FestivalTeton
May 4Band FestivalSouth Fremont
May 6-7State Solo & Small Ensemble
May 12Middle School Large Band FestivalSugar-Salem
May 17 & 18Choir Parlor Night
May 24Orchestra Showcase
May 25Spring H.S. Band Concert7:00 PMAuditorium
May 26J.H. Fine Arts Night6:00 PMJ.H. Multipurpose Room
June 6District VI – Music Educators Meeting
June 6-9Disneyland/California Orchestra Trip
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8/26Bear Lake (Freshman)A5:00 PM12:15 PM12:30 PM
8/27Morgan - Rocky Mtn Rumble (V)H4:00 PM2:00 PM
9/2Shelley (Freshman / JV)A4:30 PM / 7:00 PM1:45 PM2:00 PM
9/3Shelley (Homecoming - V)H7:00 PM
9/9Star Valley (JV)H5:00 PM
9/10Star Valley (Freshman / V)A4:30 PM / 7:00 PM(F) 12:15 PM
(V)) 1:50 PM
(F) 12:30 PM
(V) 2:00 PM
9/16Snake River (Freshman)H5:00 PM
9/17Marsh Valley (JV / V)A4:00 PM / 7:00 PM2:00 PM
9/23Minico (JV)H7:00 PM
9/23Firth (Freshman)H4:30 PM
9/30Preston (JV)A6:00 PM
10/1Preston (Freshman / V)H4:30 PM / 7:00 PM
10/7West Side (Freshman)A5:00 PM
10/8Teton (JV / V)A4:30 PM / 7:00 PM
10/15South Fremont (JV / V Senior Night)H4:30 PM / 7:00 PM
10/21Mountain Home (Freshman / JV)H4:30 PM / 7:00 PM
10/22Mountain Home (V)A7:00 PM
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Girls Soccer
8/24AberdeenH4:30 PM3:00 PM
8/26American FallsA4:30 PM12:45 PM1:00 PM
8/28Marsh ValleyA11:00 AM8:15 AM
8/30AberdeenA4:00 PM12:45 PM1:00 PM
8/31Preston (Varsity Only)H4:00 PM
9/9Marsh ValleyH4:30 PM
9/11Snake RiverA11:00 AM8:00 AM
9/14American FallsH4:30 PM
9/18Preston (Varsity Only)A12:00 PM8:00 AM
9/21South FremontA4:00 PM
9/23FirthA4:00 PM
9/28TetonH4:00 PM
9/30South FremontH4:00 PM
10/2Snake RiverH11:00 AM
10/5FirthH4:00 PM
10/7TetonA4:00 PM
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8/19Bonneville JamboreeAV/JV 5:30 PM
8/28Hillcrest TournamentAF 9:00 AM
8/31FirthHV/JV/F - 4:30 PM
9/1Snake RiverHV/JV/F - 4:30 PM
9/3 - 9/4Peg Peterson Tournament (Highland)AV - 3:00 PM / 9:00 AM
9/7FirthAV/JV/F - 4:30 PM2:00 PM2:15 PM
9/9Tri-Match Hillcrest, ShelleyAV/JV/F - 4:30 PM2:15 PM2:30 PM
9/14Star ValleyAV/JV/F - 4:30 PM11:45 PM12:00 PM
9/16/20Snake RiverAV/JV/F - 4:30 PM1:30 PM1:45 PM
9/17 - 9/18Bonneville TournamentAV - 3:00 PM2:15 PM2:30 PM
9/17 - 9/18Madison TournamentAJV/F - 3:00 PM / 9:00 AM
9/298South FremontAV/JV/F - 4:30 PM
9/30Star ValleyHV/JV/F - 4:30 PM
10/1 - 10/2Wood River TournamentAV - 3:00 PM / 9:00 AM
10/2Hillcrest TournamentAJV - 9:00 AM
10/5TetonHV/JV/F - 4:30 PM
10/7South FremontHV/JV/F - 4:30 PM
10/12Tri-Match Idaho Falls, SkylineAV/JV/F - 4:30 PM
10/14TetonAV/JV/F - 4:30 PM
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