Here you will find the full activities calendar and academic calendar, as well as calendars for various clubs and organizations.

Please note that many dates can and will change with spring sports schedules due to weather conditions. We will post on the website when those changes are made.

Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Academic Calendar 2020-2021

See below for PDF version of the calendar. Please contact if you are looking for a more accessible format.

Click here to download a copy of the calendar: 2020-2021 School Calendar (Last updated 10 June, 2020)

Activities Calendar
DateRace/LocationDeparture Time / Start Time
2/211st Day of Practice
3/13Intersquad Time Trial2:00 PM
3/19Sugar-Salem Ice Breaker3:00 PM
3/25Madison "Special"TBD
4/3Firth Cougar Classic10:00 AM / 12:00 PM
4/10Buhl Rotary Invitational10:00 AM / 1:00 PM
4/16Salmon Savage Invite8:30 AM / 1:00 PM
4/22Teton Invite12:00 PM / 2:00 PM
4/24 - 4/25Tiger/Grizz Invitational1:30 PM / 3:00 PM
4/29South Fremont Cougar Classic12:30 PM / 4:00 PM
5/1 - 5/2BYU InvitationalTBA
5/7 - 5/8District Track - Teton High School11:00 AM / 1:00 PM
5/15 - 5/16State Track - Middleton High SchoolTBA
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Boys Basketball
DateOpponentLocationTeamsTimeReleased from Class TimeBus Departure Time
11/15/191st Day of Practice
12/6/19LoganAV/JV/F3:30 PM11:00 AM11:15 AM
12/7/19Bear LakeAV/JV/F4:00 PM
12/10/19FirthAV/JV/F4:00 PM2:20 PM2:30 PM
12/14/19LoganHV/JV/F4:30 PM
12/17/19Snake RiverAV/JV/F4:45 PM2:45 PM2:55 PM
12/20/19Star ValleyHV/JV/F4:30 PM
1/3/20FilerHV/JV/FF: 4:30 PM
Main Gym
JV:6:00 PM
Aux Gym
V: 7:30 PM
Main Gym
1/4/20Bear LakeHV/JV/F1:00 PM
1/7/20FirthHV/JV/F4:30 PM
1/11/20KimberlyHV/JV/F1:00 PM
1/17/20FilerAV/JV/F4:00 PM12:30 PM12:45 PM
1/21/20Star Valley (rescheduled)AV/JV/F4:00 PM12:00 PM
1/23/20ShelleyAV/JV/F4:30 PM2:45 PM2:55 PM
1/28/20ShelleyHV/JV/F4:30 PM
1/30/20TetonAV/JV/F4:30 PM2:45 PM2:55 PM
2/1/20KimberlyAV/JV/F1:00 PM8:00 PM
2/4/20South FremontHV/JV/F4:30 PM
2/6/20TetonHV/JV/F4:30 PM
2/12/20Snake RiverHV/JV/F4:30 PM
2/14/20South Fremont AV/JV/F4:30 PM3:30 PM
2/18/20 - 2/26/20District TournamentHighest Seed Hosts
TBA1/4 Play-In Game
TBA1/2 Play-In Game
3/5/20 - 3/7/20State TournamentMeridian High School
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2/21First Day of Practice
3/11Firth (Double-Header)AV/JV3:30
3/16Snake RiverAV/JV4:30
3/19Marsh ValleyAV/JV4:00
3/20Soda Springs (at Idaho Falls)AJV3:00
3/20 - 3/21Bill Betts Tournament (Fruitland)AV/JVTBD
3/24West Jefferson AJV4:00
3/27 - 3/28Weiser TournamentAVTBD
3/31Filer (Double-Header)HV3:30
4/2West JeffersonHJV4:00
4/3 - 4/4Treasure Valley Invite (Buhl)AV/JVTBD
4/8American FallsHV/JV4:00
4/14South FremontHV/JV4:00
4/23South FremontAV/JV4:00
4/25Marsh ValleyHV/JV4:00
4/27Snake RiverHV/JV4:00
4/28North FremontAJV4:00
4/28 - 5/4District Tournament
5/71/4 Play-In Game
5/91/2 Play-In Game
5/14 - 5/16State Tournament (Ontario, OR)
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2/21First Day of Practice
3/16Snake RiverAV/JV 4:30 PM1:30 PM1:45 PM
3/19Marsh ValleyAV/JV 4:00 PM12:30 PM12:45 PM
3/20RirieHV/JV 4:00 PM2:45 PM
3/24West JeffersonAV/JV 4:00 PM1:45 PM2:00 PM
3/26 - 3/27Vallivue Tourney (Cancelled!)ATBATBA
4/1North FremontHJV 4:00 PM2:45 PM
4/2West JeffersonHJV 4:00 PM2:45 PM
4/3Kimberly TourneyAVTBATBA
4/4Blackfoot (Freshmen, Double-Header)AJV 11:00 AM / 1:00 PM
4/8American FallsHV/JV 4:00 PM2:45 PM
4/9TetonHV/JV 4:00 PM2:45 PM
4/14South FremontHV 4:00 PM2:45 PM
4/16Thunder Ridge (Freshman, Double-Header)AJV 4:00 PM2:15 PM2:30 PM
4/21TetonAV/JV 4:00 PM1:45 PM2:00 PM
4/23South FremontAV/JV 4:00 PM2:45 PM
4/25Marsh ValleyAV 3:00 PM11:45 AM12:00 PM
4/27 Snake RiverHV/JV 4:00 PM2:45 PM
4/28North Fremont AJV 4:00 PM 2:30 PM2:45 PM
4/30 - 5/5District TournamentTeton
5/71/4 Play-In Game
5/91/2 Play-In Game
5/16 - 5/18State Tournament
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DateOpponentLocationDeparture TimeMatch Time
3/12Jerome / Canyon RidgeCanyon Ridge8:00 AM12:00 PM
3/17BlackfootBlackfoot2:15 PM4:00 PM
3/18Idaho FallsIdaho Falls2:15 PM3:30 PM
4/2BlackfootBlackfoot2:15 PM4:00 PM
4/3*Burley/MinicoMinico9:30 AM1:00 PM
4/4*GoodingGooding8:30 AM10:00 AM
4/10HillcrestHillcrest2:15 PM3:30 PM
4/17 - 4/18East Idaho InviteIdaho FallsTBDTBD
4/20BonnevilleBonneville2:15 PM3:30 PM
4/28Tri-MeetSun ValleyTBDTBD
5/8 - 5/9*District TournamentSun Valley3:30 PM9 AM
5/15 - 5/16*State TournamentBoiseTBDTBD

* Denotes matches that include an overnight trip.

4/21 – 4/24 will be the tennis Team Challenge tournament. This will be held at our courts and will include the top JV players and the bottom group of varsity players. This tournament will determine who will end the season as part of the varsity team.

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Fine Arts
10/23High School Fall Choir Concert7 PMHS Auditorium
11/4District VI Choral Workshop
11/5 High School Fall Band Concert7 PMHS Auditorium
11/6High School Fall Orchestra Concert7 PMHS Auditorium
11/9District Drama
11/12Junior High Fall Fine Arts Night6 PMJH Gym
11/15, 11/16, 11/18, 11/19Musical: Anything Goes7 PMHS Auditorium
12/5 - 12/6Choir Salt Lake City Tour
12/6 - 12/7State Drama
12/12Christmas Montage Concert 7:30 PMRexburg Tabernacle
12/13 - 12/14Orchestra Salt Lake City Tour
1/7District VI Honor Band and OrchestraBYU-Idaho (Evening Concert in Barrus Concert Hall)
1/30 - 2/2Idaho All-StateNampa
2/25Junior High Winter Fine Arts Night6 PMJH Gym
2/26High School Winter Orchestra Concert7 PMHS Auditorium
2/28, 2/29, 3/2, 3/3Winter Play7 PMHS Auditorium
3/4High School Winter Choir Concert7 PMHS Auditorium
TBDBarbershop FestivalRexburg
3/9District VI Solo & Small Ensemble Festival3:30 PM - 8:00 PMSouth Fremont High School
3/13 & 3/14Glenn Miller Night7 PMKershaw Intermediate School
4/7 - 4/10New York Invitational Music Festival at Carnegie Hall (Symphony Strings Orchestra)
4/8District VI Jazz FestivalTeton High School
4/22District VI Large Ensemble Choir FestivalFirth High School
4/29District VI Large Ensemble Band FestivalSouth Fremont High School
5/1 - 5/2State Solo & Small Ensemble CompetitionCouer d' Alene
5/6District VI Middle School / Junior High Large Ensemble Band FestivalSugar-Salem High School
5/9Orchestra Lagoon Festival (Concert Orchestra & Junior High Orchestras)
5/11District VI Large Ensemble String FestivalTeton High School
5/12 & 5/13Singing Sweets Parlor Night7 PMHS Commons and Auditorium
5/18Kershaw Spring Orchestra Concert1 PM
5/19High School Spring Band Concert7 PMHS Auditorium
5/20 & 5/21"In the Movies" - High School Orchestra Dinner Show7 PMHS Commons
5/27Junior High Spring Fine Arts Night6 PMJH Gym
6/3Graduation7 PMBYU-I Center
6/8District VI Annual Music Educators Meeting6 PMFrontier Pies
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