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State and District Graduation Requirements

Core Subject Areas State Requirements (29 Credits) District Requirements (36 Credits)
Language Arts
  • English – 8 Credits
  • Speech – 1 Credit

Speech credit can be obtained through other courses that meet the state speech requirement as approved by the local district.

  • English – 8 Credits
  • Speech – 1 Credit

Debate may replace speech.

  • Algebra I – 2 Credits
  • Geometry – 2 Credits
  • Student Choice – 2 Credits

Two credits must be taken in the last year of High School.

Students who have completed six (6) credits of math prior to the fall of their last year of high school, including at least two (2) semesters of an Advanced Placement or dual credit calculus or high level course, are exempt from taking math during their last year of high school.

  • Algebra I – 2 Credits
  • Geometry – 2 Credits
  • Student Choice – 2 Credits
  • Lab-based – 4 Credits
  • Student-Choice – 2 Credits

May include biology, physical Science, chemistry, earth, space, and environment or approved applied science.

AP Computer Science, Dual Credit Computer Science, and Dual Credit Engineering can be considered as either a math or science credit.

  • Lab-based – 4 Credits
  • Student-Choice – 2 Credits
Social Studies
  • US History – 2 Credits
  • Government – 2 Credits
  • Economics – 1 Credit

Courses such as geography, sociology, psychology and world history may not count towards the state requirement.

  • US History – 4 Credits
  • Government – 2 Credits
  • Economics – 1 Credit
  • Student Choice – 2 Credits

May include visual arts, music, theatre, dance, or world language aligned to Idaho content standards for those subjects.

  • Student Choice – 2 Credits
  • Health – 1 Credit

CPR is required to be taught in Health, effective for students entering 9th grade Fall 2015 or later.

  • Health – 1 Credit
  • PE – 1 Credit*
Electives 17 Credits 14 Credits
Total Credits 46 Credits 50 Credits

Other Requirements

Advanced Opportunities

Districts must offer at least one Advanced Opportunity such as Dual Credit, Advanced Placement, Technical Competency Credit, or International Baccalaureate. For more information on Advanced Opportunities, visit:

Senior Project

Required to include a written report and an oral presentation by the end of grade 12 with guidelines set at district level.

College Entrance Exam

Take either the ACT or SAT exam before the end of the student’s 11th grade beginning with students for School Year 2014-2015. Students who miss the college entrance exam in 11th grade because they moved to Idaho from out-of-state, were homeschooled or had a medical issue, could take the state funded make-up exam in the Fall of their 12th grade. For more information on college entrance exams, visit:

Middle School / Junior High Credits

Students must take pre-algebra before entering 9th grade.

A student will have met the high school content and credit requirement for any required high school course if: The student completes such course with a grade C or higher before entering 9th grade; course meets the same content standards that are required for high school and course is taught by a properly certified teacher. Parents of middle school student taking a course for high school credit must be notified that the course is available for high school credit and must be given the option as to whether or not the course is transcribed.

Other Information

Students are limited to one P.E. class per trimester and two P.E. classes per year, with the exception of Cheerleading.

School District policy requires that a student be in class 90% of the time to receive credit for each course.

Credit is not given for release time, which is typically seminary or work release.

There are 15 credits that can be completed in a year without online classes.

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