• Lauri Orme

Mrs. Orme Makes a Difference

Mrs. Lauri Orme has been helping students at Sugar-Salem for 27 years. Click to read more about how she makes a difference.

  • Preston Bowthorpe

Mr. Bowthorpe Makes a Difference

Mr. Bowthorpe helps students want to be better both academically and in everyday life! Click to read more about how he makes a difference.

Mrs. Chase Makes a Difference

Mrs. Chase has been a special education teacher for six years. She current works at Kershaw Intermediate School--click to read about how she makes a difference!

Bell Schedule

Monday through Thursday
First bell 8:05
1st period 8:10—9:08
2nd period 9:12—10:15
3rd period 10:19—11:16
4th period 11:20—12:17
Lunch 12:10—12:48
5th period 12:48—1:46
6th period 1:50—2:47
Homeroom 2:47—2:50

First bell 8:05
1st period 8:10—8:58
2nd period 9:02—9:55
3rd period 9:59—10:47
4th period 10:51—11:38
Lunch 11:31—12:09
5th period 12:09—12:56
6th period 1:00—1:47
Homeroom 1:47—1:50