Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values

Purpose Statement (Why we are here)

Learn, Achieve, Succeed

Vision Statement (What we will become)

The Sugar Salem School District staff will maximize the student potential of becoming life-long learners, and promote excellence, through the collaborative support of family, school, and community partnerships.

Mission Statement (How will we attain our vision)

All staff members of the Sugar-Salem School District, in partnership with the community, are committed to provide an educational environment where teaching and learning can adapt constructively in a changing society. We emphasize demonstrable lifelong skills, knowledge and values that develop responsible and contributing members of society.

Values (What we believe about education)

  1. Positive attitude is essential to learning.
  2. Safe and secure surroundings are essential to learning.
  3. Civic responsibility is essential to the success of our community, state, and nation.
  4. Each person should have an opportunity to reach their potential. Developing a student’s full potential is a shared responsibility of the student, family, school and community, each actively participating.
  5. The recognition of success promotes the desire for future success.
  6. Each individual can and will learn in their own unique way through varying learning styles.
  7. There is an inescapable relationship between our example of integrity, honesty, and love of learning and its influence on others.
  8. Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are important aspects of learning.
  9. Positive self-image is fostered by a focus on the individual.