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We have scholarship opportunities that come and go throughout the school year. To be sure you are a part of those opportunities, be sure that you check with the counselor’s office at least weekly in case we get a scholarship opportunity brought to us that doesn’t make the website in time!

Below are scholarship opportunities and information about some non-school affiliated scholarships and scholarships for particular colleges.

Idaho State Board of Education

There are 8 scholarships that are available through the Idaho State Board of Education. Sugar-Salem students can qualify for 4 of the 8 scholarships. Click the link below to access the application:

One of those scholarships is the Gear Up 2 Scholarship, requirements are:

  • Graduates of 2017 and 2018 from a Gear-Up School (which we are)
  • Complete FAFSA and Gear-Up Application before March 1st
  • Attend an accredited Idaho institution of Higher Education

University Scholarships

Each university has their own personal application and deadline process. The best thing to do is go to the university of your choice and search “Scholarships”. All Idaho colleges will have their instructions and deadlines on the scholarship board of the counseling office.

Local Scholarships

The counseling office receives numerous local scholarships throughout the school year. These scholarship applications can be found in the counseling office on the Scholarship Board.

Other Scholarship Links

State of Idaho Board of Education:

Big Future by the College Board:


US Department of Labor:


Lightfoot Foundation:

Anthony O’Neal: