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We have scholarship opportunities that come and go throughout the school year. To be sure you are a part of those opportunities, be sure that you check with the counselor’s office at least weekly in case we get a scholarship opportunity brought to us that doesn’t make the website in time!

Below are scholarship opportunities and information about some non-school affiliated scholarships and scholarships for particular colleges.

Scholarship Resources

Idaho Scholarships:

Find out about Scholarships just for Idaho residents. Use the sort feature to find opportunities you qualify for based on your GPA.

Learn more about the variety of Scholarship options managed by the Idaho State Board of Education and available to Idaho Students.

Targeted Scholarships:

Fastweb connects students to targeted scholarships, colleges, financial aid, part-time jobs and

Discover athletic scholarships, college-specific scholarships, merit-based scholarships, minority scholarships, and scholarships by major.

National Scholarships:

Use Peterson’s scholarship search to find national scholarships and grant opportunities you may be eligible to apply for.

College Granted Scholarships:

Most Colleges have their own scholarships that they will award applicants based on merit and/or need. Some colleges award automatic merit scholarships with an application. Others require a separate application once you have been accepted. Visit individual college websites for instruction.

For example, BYU uses a program called Scholarship Universe where you will create a profile and be matched with scholarships that apply to you as an individual. ISU uses a system called Boss (Bengal Online Scholarship System) with a similar idea.

*You will need to contact the specific college scholarship office for any information needed regarding your award.

Local Scholarships:

Just after the first of the year and throughout springtime, the counseling office will begin to get information on scholarships from our local area. Banks, power companies, insurance companies, local community members, etc. Mrs. Robison will be sending out Scholarship announcements and applications as they come in through email and Remind messages.