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Our mission is to help students meet graduation standards and become productive citizens.  To accomplish these goals we feel the need to have:

  • A safe learning environment. Safety is our number one priority.  We believe that no learning can occur in an environment where students do not feel physically and emotionally safe.  Every effort will be taken to ensure the safety of our students.
  • Responsible Citizenship. We believe that although students have a right to public education they do not have a right to:

A) Interfere with another student’s learning.

B) Engage in behavior that is not in the best interest of all

C) Interfere in the learning process of other students every effort will be made to ensure all students are provide with a positive environment conducive to learning. Misbehavior will be dealt with.

  • A Curriculum that meets and exceeds all State and National standards.  Student achievement will be carefully monitored to assist the students in meeting the qualifications to graduate from High School.

Valley View opened its doors August 19th, 2004 with an initial enrollment of approximately 16 students. The original location of the school was in the Food and Transportation office located across the alley next to the present site. Valley View was created to keep students in the district and not have them leave to attend other schools.

Valley View is an alternative high school designed to meet the needs of students who have struggled to find success in the traditional high school setting or want to catch up on their education due to extenuating circumstances. Some students have the option to return to the traditional high school setting once they get caught up in their course work (pending approval), others would rather stay.