Student Handbook

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  1. Message
  2. Bell Schedule
  3. Academic Guidelines
  4. Graduation Requirements
  5. Guidance and Counseling Services
  6. Clubs and Organizations
  7. Attendance
  8. Tardies
  9. Check-Out
  10. Dress Policy
  11. Behavior
  12. Drug Testing Policy
  13. Discipline
  14. General Information
  15. Electronic Devices
  16. Sexual Harassment
  17. Drug-Free School Zone
  18. Searches and Seizure
  19. Sportsmanship





Welcome Back!  It is my privilege to welcome each of you back to school for the 2014-2015 school year.  I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with each of you this year.

Sugar-Salem High School has a great tradition of providing a strong academic program for all students.  The extra-curricular teams and programs are second to none.  I would encourage you to become involved in a club, organization, or team at Sugar-Salem.  Becoming involved will help you create life-long memories.

The faculty and staff at Sugar-Salem High School hope you appreciate the privilege that you have to attend school here this year.  We hope you will make the most of the opportunities that will be placed before you.  I hope each of you will strive to create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

In order for you to succeed and for the school to operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness, we must abide by certain rules and regulations that are outlined in this handbook


Jared Jenks
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74 Minutes

1st Lunch         2nd Lunch

1. 8:05 – 9:19         1. 8:05 – 9:19
2. 9:25 – 10:39       2. 9:25 – 10:39
3. 10:45 – 11:59     3. 10:45 – 11:59
L. 11:59 – 12:29    4. 12:04 – 1:18
4. 12:29 – 1:43       L. 1:18 – 1:48
5. 1:48 – 3:02         5. 1:48 – 3:02

Full Period Assembly

61 Minutes

1. 8:05 – 9:06        1. 8:05 – 9:06
2. 9:12 – 10:13       2. 9:12 – 10:13
3. 10:18 – 11:19      3. 10:19 – 11:194
L. 11:19 – 11:49      4. 11:24 – 12:25
4. 11:49 – 12:50      L. 12:25 – 12:55
5. 12:55 – 1:56       5. 12:55 – 1:56
6. 2:01 – 3:02        6. 2:01 – 3:02

30 Minute Assembly

67 Minutes

1. 8:05 – 9:12           1. 8:05 – 9:12
2. 9:18 – 10:25         2. 9:18 – 10:25
3. 10:31 – 11:38       3. 10:31 – 11:38
L. 11:38 – 12:08      4. 11:43 – 12:50
4. 12:08 – 1:15         L. 12 :50 – 1:20
5. 1:20 – 2:27           5. 1:20 – 2:27
A. 2:32 – 3:02          A. 2:32 – 3:02


60 Minutes

1st Lunch               2nd Lunch

1. 8:05 – 9:05           1. 8:05 – 9:05
2. 9:11 – 10:11         2. 9:11 – 10:11
3. 10:17 – 11:17       3. 10:17 – 11:17
L. 11:17 – 11:47      4. 11:22 – 12:22
4. 11:47 – 12:47       L. 12:22 – 12:52
5. 12:52 – 1:52         5. 12:52 – 1:52

Full Assembly

49 Minutes

1. 8:05 – 8:55           1. 8:05 – 8:55
2. 9:01 – 9:50           2. 9:01 – 9:50
3.9:56 – 10:45          3. 9:56 – 10:45
L. 10:45 – 11:15      4. 10:50 – 11:39
4. 11:15 – 12:04       L. 11:39 – 12:09
5. 12:09 – 12:58       5. 12:09 – 12:58
6. 1:03 – 1:52           6. 1:03 – 1:52

30 Minute Assembly

53 Minutes

1. 8:05 – 8:58           1. 8:05 – 8:58
2. 9:04 – 9:57           2. 9:04 – 9:57
3. 10:03 – 10:56       3. 10:03 – 10:56
L. 10:56 – 11:26      4. 11:01 – 11:54
4. 11:26 – 12:19       L. 11:54 – 12:24
5. 12:24 – 1:17         5. 12:24 – 1:17
A. 1:22 – 1:52          A. 1:22 – 1:52

Short A.M. Assembly

67 Minutes

1. 8:05 – 9:12           1. 8:05 – 9:12
A. 9:18 – 9:48          A. 9:18 – 9:48
2. 9:53 – 11:00         2. 9:53 – 11:00
3. 11:06 – 12:13       3. 11:06 – 12:13
L. 12:13 – 12:43      4. 12:18 – 1:25
4. 12:43 – 1:50         L. 1:25 – 1:55
5. 1:55 – 3:02           5. 1:55 – 3:02

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The following symbols shall be used to represent scholarship achievement in each class.  Some teachers choose to alter their grading system percentages slightly from the ones listed here.  Please check with your teachers to see how they will grade their classes.

  • A   93-100%
  • A-   90-92%
  • B+  87-89%
  • B    83-86%
  • B-  80-82%
  • C+ 77-79%
  • C    73-76%
  • C-   70-72%
  • D+  67-69%
  • D   63-66%
  • D-  60-62%
  • F    59% and below
  • I    Incomplete.  This is a conditional grade.  Work is incomplete.  This grade will become an F if unchanged within a two-week period.

The following grade points should be used to compute the grade point average.

A   4.0               B   3.0                     C   2.0                     D   1.0

A- 3.7                B- 2.7                      C- 1.7                      D-  0.7

B+ 3.4               C+ 2.4                     D+ 1.4                     F/I 0.0

Honor Roll

  1. The honor roll is based on grades in subject areas which comply with the criteria for determining the scholarship grade.  Teacher aide, office aide, library aide and fundamental and special education classes are not used for this purpose.
  2. Students with a grade point average of 3.6 or better shall be placed on the honor roll at the end of each trimester.
  3. Students who owe fees shall not be placed on the honor roll.
  4. Students who have excessive absences, or who are on probation because of excessive absences shall not be placed on the honor roll.

 Extracurricular Activities Eligibility

To be eligible scholastically for all extracurricular activities, a student        must have received passing grades in at least four, full-credit subjects   in the trimester previous to the current grading period and must be enrolled as a full-time student carrying five subjects.  Any subject taken for a complete period, five times per week, and for which one credit toward graduation is given each trimester, is considered as one of the four full-credit subjects required.  If the student fails to meet the state requirement of passing four full-credit subjects the previous trimester and subsequently takes extension, home study or summer school classes to make up these deficiencies, the shall not be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities until official notification of grades is received from the appropriate school.  If the course failed is a core course, the course taken to make up for the failed course must be a similar course, as verified by the high school counselor.  If the course failed is an elective course, the course taken to make up for the failed course may be any course that meets state accreditation requirements.

A student must maintain a 2.00 average in all full-credit subject classes to be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.  This average will be computed on trimester and mid-trimester grades.

Sugar-Salem High School also adheres to a strict code of conduct for students participating in extracurricular activities.  See section 8.7 of the school district policy manual for details.

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Graduation Requirements

Sugar-Salem High School recognizes all classes offered in the Sugar-Salem High School Registration Handbook as meeting the requirements for graduation.  Any class or correspondence course that is taken from another school while enrolled here must be approved by the administration of the school.  The school will allow a maximum of eight (8) such courses to be counted toward graduation.

REQUIRED COURSES                        CREDITS                  

English                                                                     8

Reading                                                                   1

Speech                                                                     1

Mathematics                                                          6

Science                                                                    6

Government                                                           2

U.S. History                                                            4

Health                                                                      1

Consumer Economics                                          1

Physical Education                                               1

Humanities                                                             2

Vocational Classes                                                2

Computers/keyboarding                                      1

TOTAL REQUIRED                                                   37

ELECTIVES                                                                 14

TOTAL                                                                          50

All students must meet these minimum requirements prior to receiving a high school diploma.  Each student must have completed the above minimum requirements and received graduation approval from the school counselor and principal.  Only those students who have earned a Sugar-Salem diploma will be eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies.

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Testing and Test Preparation

The counseling center provides preparation, administration and interpretation of the following tests.

State Direct Writing Assessment and ISAT

A.C.T.–with pre-test instructional classes.

A.S.V.A.B.–Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

Special Education and Individual Testing–as desired or prescribed.

ISAT- Idaho State Achievement Test


The counseling center provides graduates with college, career, academic, and military guidance and information.  They also assist with scholarship and financial aid applications.   They also help students with course selections and scheduling.


Personal, group, social, developmental and family counseling may be available through school counselors. Besides the counseling office at the high school, the school has access to professionals in the areas of special testing, independent study, speech therapy, hearing and psychological problems.                                                  

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At Sugar-Salem High School students can be actively involved in many ways.  Besides academic work and extra curricular activities, there are a number of organized clubs that students can affiliate with.  We would encourage you to consider these clubs and join one or more of them to help make your high school experience more enjoyable. These clubs are extracurricular and their meetings and functions take place outside of class time.

Art                                                         Honor Society

Industrial Technology                  Pep Band

Drama                                                   Speech

FFA                                                        FCCLA

Debate                                                   BPA

HALO Club                                          ACA-DECA

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1. Absent – Not being present in the classroom, more than 10 minutes

late to class or leaving class more than 10 minutes early.

2. In Attendance means

a. Being in class

b. Attending a school sponsored program such as a field trip,

special instructional clinic, or other type of planned  educational

c. Attending an approved activity, tournament, or contest in which

the student is selected through an elimination proceed and is a

direct participant.

d. Attending other types of educational activities that are pre-

approved by the principal.

3. Tardy — Missing 0 – 10 minutes of class time at the beginning or at

the end of a class period.

4. Attendance Review Board – Group of educators, including teachers,

counselor, and administration of the school that the student attends,

whose purpose is to review appeals from students who have missed

more than six days. The Attendance Review Board will decide

whether or not a student shall receive credit for that class or

5. Truancy: any unverified absence.

6. Exempt Absences: Exempt absences are those which do not count

toward the six (6) allowed absences. Bereavement in the immediate

family, subpoenas to appear in court or other court ordered

attendance,  were denied entry to the classroom.) Students with

exempt absences may still receive class credit if all work is made up.

7. Verified Absences – absences which are not exempt but which have

been verified by a parent or guardian. Students will forfeit credit in

any     class with more than six (6) verified absences or truancies. A

parent or     guardian must call within 24 hours of every absence.

Unverified absences are treated as truancies with resulting

consequences. With permission of the Attendance Review Board

students may make up verified absences by attending Saturday

school or fulfilling other pre-approved makeup work.


A student may be denied the right to attend school if any of the following apply:

1. membership in a secret society

2. being a carrier of a contagious and/or infectious disease

3. habitually truant

4. conduct which is continuously disruptive to school discipline

5. conduct which is disruptive to the instructional effectiveness of the


Students may miss up to six days in any class without losing credit. Students missing more than six days may appeal to the school’s Attendance Review Board.

1. Upon the 4th absence from school/class, a letter will be sent to the student’s home, indicating the school policy and the number of days missed.

2. Upon the 6th absence, another letter will be sent, indicating the severity of the situation and explaining in detail consequences and alternatives.

3. Upon exceeding the 6th absence, the student will have credit withheld. If the student wishes to receive credit he or she, with parental accompaniment, must appear before the Attendance Review Board.

4. This Board will review the absence report to determine if the student will have credit withheld, which will occur unless extenuating circumstances surface.

5. Any decision to withhold credit can be appealed to the Superintendent and/or to the Board of Trustees.

6. If the appeal is not granted, one of the following will happen at the discretion of the Attendance Review Board. 1. The student will remain in that particular class for the remainder of the term; 2. He or she will be placed in a study hall, with no credit being granted for this class; 3. He or she will be excluded from school.

7. At the discretion of the Attendance Review Board the student may be excluded from all extra-curricular activities.

8. If the appeal is granted, the student will return to class with the Attendance Board’s stipulations. If the stipulations are violated, a loss of credit will result.


All absences must be excused either through a written note or phone call within 24 hours following return to school; otherwise, the absence is classified as truant. Parents, guardians, doctors or other responsible persons should provide excuses for all students except married students or those of age 18 with a current signed parent consent form on file, who may speak for themselves.


It is the student’s responsibility to notify teachers prior to being absent. Teachers may require the work to be completed and turned in prior to departure. If not requested by a teacher, students will have the number of days absent, plus one, to make up work for each day missed.

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TARDIES –There are no excused tardies.

10 tardies allowed before consequences are assigned.

11 – 12 one hour of detention

13 – 14 two hours of detention

15 one three-hour session of Saturday school

16 two three-hour sessions of Saturday school

17 one day of in-school suspension

18 two days of in-school suspension

19 three days of in-school suspension

20 three days out of school suspension

21 loss of credit in all classes that trimester

A student can not make up attendance and tardies or other disciplinary requirements concurrently.


Students may not leave campus during the school day without first checking out through the office.  Students will not be allowed to leave school grounds between the hours of 11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.  The only exceptions will be doctor’s appt., appear in court, or if a parent chooses to come to the school and check his/her student out of school.  Leaving campus without properly checking-out is considered a TRUANCY.

Students may not remain on campus once they have checked out through the office.  Upon returning to school, students must check back in through the office.

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Dress Policy

General Statement

Teachers at Sugar-Salem High School have the right to exclude a student from their class if they feel the student is not dressed appropriately.  The personal dress and appearance of students is left to the good taste and discretion of the individual student and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) within the following guidelines:

  1. All clothing shall be neat, clean, and appropriate to wear.
  2. Students may be excluded from attending classes when any of the following is worn:

a.   Underwear as outer wear or wearing pajamas.

b.   Clothing that advertises alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or illegal


c.    Clothing that displays obscene, immoral, or indecent pictures,

d.    Clothing that reveals the midriff.

  1. Clothing that compromises modesty, such as tank tops or sleeveless blouses or shirts.  Shirts or blouses must have a cap sleeve.  Shirts and blouses must have a modest neckline so as to not reveal cleavage.

f. .   Hats and bandanas are prohibited in the building.

  1. Shorts are to be hemmed and free from holes.  The length of shorts should be no shorter than mid thigh and not compromise modesty.
  2. Dresses and skirts must be no shorter than mid thigh and not

compromise modesty.

  1. Stretch pants may be worn only if a blouse or shirt covers their posterior.  Stretch pants may not be a sheer material.
  2. Hair shall be neatly trimmed, clean and of a length that does not impair vision.
  3. Shoes must be worn for health and safety reasons.
  4. Sunglasses may not be worn in the building.
  5. Any clothing articles that are identified as gang or gang related attire will not be allowed.

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Student Parking

We encourage students to ride the busses to and from school.  There may be occasions when a student must bring a car to school.  If you bring your car to school, we expect you to park it in the student parking lots which are on the south and east side of the building.  No student cars are to be parked on the west side of the building or in the faculty parking areas.  Students are not allowed to go to or be around their cars during the school day.  The parking lot is considered “off limits” during school time and the lunch period.


Lockers are the property of the school district.  This allows the administration to inspect the lockers whenever they feel there is a need.  Students are not to remove or tamper with lockers in any way.  No offensive pictures or words are to be displayed in lockers.  You are responsible for your locker.  You will be accountable for all damage to your locker.  If you have valuable items you must bring to school please check them in at the office for safe keeping.


Periodically during the year, assemblies of various kinds will be held.  All assemblies have a purpose, and students are expected to behave appropriately and to pay attention.  Assemblies are not a time to visit with friends.  Please refrain from inappropriate behavior in assemblies such as whistling, yelling, booing, etc.  All students are urged to attend assemblies.  If for some reason you do not wish to attend an assembly, an optional room will be available.  Students who do not attend an assembly must have studies to work on, remain until the assembly is over, and work individually.  You must either be in the assembly or the optional room.  You may not check out and go home during assemblies.  They are considered a part of the school day and your attendance is required.

Classroom Rules

We expect you to show up on time—with appropriate learning materials to every class.  Don’t ask to go to the restroom, get a drink, visit the office, make phone calls or leave class for any reason unless it is an emergency.

Late Assignments generally are not accepted.  In rare cases will teachers allow late assignments to be handed in without some form of penalty.  Check with your teachers about their policy on late work.  If you have a problem you are expected to discuss the matter with your teacher ahead of time so that arrangements can be made to accept a late assignment.

Slug Rule

Once in class at Sugar-Salem High School, students are expected to have the necessary materials, do the work expected, and put forth the effort to get it done.  We do not babysit non-producers at Sugar-Salem High School.  Students who do not produce and just sit and waste time will be dealt with accordingly.


Our staff expects all students to do their own work unless told that it is okay to work with others.  Any kind of cheating (copying someone else’s work, borrowing answers or papers, writing answers on hands, etc.) is a big deal and will be dealt with accordingly.  If you are caught cheating you will receive:

  1. A “0” on that test, quiz, or assignment.
  2. No further opportunities that trimester for earning extra points in the course.
  3. Parents will be notified.
  4. If cheating occurs again suspension and/or expulsion will result and the student will lose credit in one or all classes that trimester.

Computer and Internet Use

Students are responsible for good behavior on school computers just as they are in any other aspect of school life.  Computers are provided as a privilege for students to conduct research and complete classroom assignments.   Computer games are not allowed on school computers.  Students may not download programs off the Internet or bring programs from home to download on school computers.

The school reserves the right to review files and communications without prior notice to maintain system integrity and ensure students are utilizing the network appropriately. Failure to comply with district and school rules will result in a loss of network access, disciplinary action, and possible referral to law enforcement agencies.  Students are not allowed in the computer labs with out faculty or staff supervision.

In-School Suspension

When students are assigned in-school suspension, they are expected to show up on time, bring school work and supplies necessary to do their assignments, and follow the directions of the suspension room supervisors.  Students who don’t do what is expected of them will be reassigned in-school suspension until they can get it done right.   In-school suspension will be served at Sugar-Salem Junior High.


Detention is defined as a sixth period before school for one hour of supervised work or study.  Students who are assigned detention need to show up on time with appropriate materials.  Teachers may assign and conduct their own detention times.

Drug Testing Policy

The Sugar-Salem School District expects students who are provided with the opportunity to engage in District sponsored activities to be drug and alcohol free during their participation in these activities.  Participants will demonstrate to the student body and community their willingness to be drug and alcohol free and their desire to be good representatives of Sugar-Salem High School.

Any student in grades 9-12 participating in interscholastic activities sponsored by the district and the IHSAA and/or any student whose participation in an extra-curricular activity requires that a student leave school grounds as a representative of the District may be required to be tested.

Students can be tested throughout the activity season in which he/she is participating.  Each student will be responsible to complete the drug testing consent form prior to the beginning of the activity season.

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REMEMBER, here are the kinds of behaviors that can get you suspended or expelled from school.

  1. Willful disobedience or refusing to obey a reasonable request by any adult on our staff.
  2. Disruptive conduct or fighting
  3. Vandalism to either public or private property
  4. Truancy or irregular attendance
  5. Vulgarity or profanity
  6. Possession or use of tobacco on campus
  7. Use of, sale of, possession of, or being under the influence of controlled substances, drugs, or alcoholic substances.
  8. Gambling, stealing, or extortion
  9. Carrying, possession or use of weapons or dangerous objects.
  10. Unauthorized use of car during school hours
  11. Failure to obtain necessary permission and properly checking out of school when leaving campus during school hours.
  12.  Illegal entry
  13. Tampering with school reports/records.
  14. Repeated minor offenses
  15. Sexual harassment
  16. Throwing snowballs or other objects
  17. Unauthorized or illegal use of the Internet
  18. Cheating Dishonesty
  19. Slug Rule…not doing your assignments and just wasting yours and the teacher’s time.
  20. Misconduct on the School bus

Each one of these behaviors violate the rights of others and are not acceptable in our school.  Those students who do these things will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.  Disciplinary action can include but is not limited to the following.

Step 1:  First Major Infraction- The student will be assigned

one hour of detention.

Step 2:  Second Major Infraction- The student will be

assigned two hours of detention.

Step 3:  Third Major Infraction- The student will be

assigned one Saturday session.

Step 4:  Fourth Major Infraction- The student will be

assigned two Saturday sessions.

Step 5:  The student will be assigned 1 to 5 days of in-

school suspension.

Step 6:  The student will be recommended to the board of trustees for

expulsion for up to three trimesters.

If a student is assigned to in-school suspension or suspended due to a major infraction, the student will be ineligible to participate in any extra-curricular activity for 7 days.

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  1. School dances are for Sugar-Salem students, alumni and guests.  Once you enter a dance, you cannot leave unless you pay to get back into the dance.  Our school’s dress code policy will be enforced at dances.   Dances will be from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m.  Junior high students are not allowed to attend high school dances.
  2. Hats should never be worn in public buildings; therefore, we expect you to remove your hat when you enter the school building and keep it off until after you leave.
  3. Students, staff and visitors have been embarrassed and offended, in the past, by inappropriate conduct between members of the opposite sex on our school campus.  Please restrict all conduct to hand holding.
  4. After school is out for the day, be sure to get coats, books, etc. out of your locker and take them with you.  The custodians will lock the doors at 4 p.m. daily.
  5. No one is to be in the building after 4 p.m. without being part of a sanctioned activity with an adult supervisor present.  No one is to be in the building after 10 p.m.
  6. Never leave anything of value in your locker or around the building.  Keep it with you or check it in at the office.
  7. Food and drink are allowed in the commons only.  Please do not take these items into the halls and classrooms.
  8. The gym is for P.E. classes and approved activities.  Please be sure to wear appropriate shoes on the gym floor.
  1. Students are expected to abide by the District School Bus Code of Conduct for all activities involving school bus transportation.  Violators will receive appropriate disciplinary action.
  2. The school lunch program here at Sugar-Salem High School is one of the finest in the area, and lunches are provided at a very reasonable price.  If you wish to participate in the lunch program, you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner considered appropriate for a formal restaurant.  Please be obedient to the cooks and school lunch personnel.  If you should happen to make messes, please clean up after yourself and be considerate of others who are eating in the lunchroom.  REMEMBER, EATING SCHOOL LUNCH IS A PRIVILEGE AND THAT PRIVILEGE CAN BE DENIED IF IT IS MISUSED.  Students will not be allowed to charge more than $5.00 in the school lunch program.
  3. Students are given the opportunity to sign up for release time, or Seminary.  Students must have “release time” permission slips filled out and honor their commitment to attend release time.  If this privilege is revoked by the Seminary staff, the student will face disciplinary action from the school.  Students must be inside the Seminary building when the tardy bell rings.
  4. A student not in attendance for two or more class periods during the school day may not participate in extracurricular school activities for that day.  Students who are under in-school suspension may not attend or participate in school activities for that day, and they may not participate in extracurricular activities for the next 7 days after their suspension.  See the district policy section 8.7 for further details.

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Telecommunication and Electronic Devices

Carrying a cell phone at school or on school grounds is not a individual right.  It is a privilege granted to you by the school district.  If you are in violation of any school rules pertaining to cell phone use you may lose this privilege.  Cell phones, beepers, I-pods, headphones, etc. will be prohibited in the classroom.  If these devices are seen by a teacher they will be confiscated and turned into the office.  There may be disciplinary action.

Sexting- Any inappropriate comments that are sexual in nature or photos that are sexually explicit are unacceptable.  If a student is the sender of recipient of such material or simply in possession  he/she may be subject to criminal charges.  Cell phones may be subject to viewing and may be confiscated by school officials. Technology Acceptable Use

The Sugar-Salem School District is pleased to offer access to a computer network for electronic information services. We strongly believe in the educational value of electronic services and recognize the potential to support curriculum and learning by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. The Sugar-Salem School District will make every effort to protect students and staff from any misuses or abuses as a result of their experience with an information service.

1. Network login accounts shall be used only by the authorized owner of the account. No attempt to gain unauthorized access to accounts is permitted. Passwords must be kept private.

2. Never send, or encourage others to send, messages that are impolite or inappropriate. When online, staff and students are representatives of the district and as such must always act in a positive and appropriate manner. Use of vulgarities or any other inappropriate language is unacceptable.

3. Do not send any message that includes personal information, such as home address or phone number, for yourself or any other person without complete knowledge of the requesting entity.  Report to your administrator any entity who asks for personal information that you do not know.  Do not read other people’s mail or trespass into other people’s files.

4. The District makes no guarantees of any kind about the accuracy of information found online.  Transmission of any material in violation of any law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material protected by trade secrets.

5. The introduction or use of copy written material on district machines without the consent approval of rightful parties is expressly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, software from home, videos, downloaded applications, music, software from others even when given the disc, etc.

6. Do not damage or attempt to gain unauthorized access to any school computer system (hardware or software). Never move, delete, modify, or damage any application or files that are not yours.

7. The person/persons found intentionally introducing a malicious virus into the system will beheld accountable for incurred costs. Anyone who is found to have deleted virus checking software from computers will also be held liable. All those using district computers should regularly check to see that the virus checking software icon is visible on the taskbar.

8. Do not load applications onto any computer without the permission of the Technology Department. This includes pirated software, home software, illegal music. It is more efficient, and less problematic, for those with proper permission to install programs on the school computers.

9. It is forbidden to submit, display, publish, or access questionable materials that may be considered locally unacceptable. These include, but are not limited to, obscenity, profanity, or any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, threatening, racially offensive, sexually oriented, or illegal materials.

10. The District makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. The District will not be responsible for any damages or charges you suffer while on this system.

11. The administrators or network administrator may determine other behavior to be inappropriate and may make specific requests without prior notice.

12. Violation of this policy may incur consequences up to and including:

a. suspension from school or work.

b. revocation of passwords and user accounts and ban from using computer or network equipment.

c. Revocation of teaching certificate in the state of Idaho.

d. Notification of law enforcement authorities for possible civil or criminal penalties.

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Sexual Harassment/Intimidation of Students

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and is prohibited in the District. An employee, District agent, or student engages in sexual harassment whenever he/she makes unwelcome advances, requests sexual favors, or engages in other verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual or sex-based nature, imposed on the basis of sex, that:

  1. denies or limits the provision of educational aid, benefits, services, opportunities, or treatment, or that makes such conduct a condition of a student’s academic status; or

II. has the purpose or effect of:

1. substantially interfering with the student’s educational environment;

2. creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment;

3. depriving a student of educational aid, benefits, services, opportunities or treatment; or

4. making submission to or rejection of such unwelcome conduct the basis for academic decisions affecting a student.

The terms “intimidating”, “hostile” and “offensive” include conduct which has the effect of humiliation, embarrassment, or discomfort. Examples of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to, unwelcome touching, crude jokes or pictures, discussions of sexual experiences, pressure for sexual activity, intimidation by words, actions, insults or name calling, teasing related to sexual characteristics, and spreading rumors related to a person’s alleged sexual activities.

Students who believe that they may have been sexually harassed or intimidated should contact a counselor, teacher, or administrator who will assist them in the complaint process. Supervisors or teachers who knowingly condone, or fail to report or assist a student to take action to remediate such behavior of sexual harassment or intimidation, may themselves be subject to discipline.

Any District employee who is determined, after an investigation, to have engaged in sexual harassment will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge. Any student of the District who is determined, after an investigation, to have engaged in sexual harassment will be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, suspension and expulsion consistent with the discipline policy. Any person knowingly making a false accusation regarding sexual harassment will likewise be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge with regard to employees, or suspension and expulsion with regard to students.

The District will make every effort to insure that employees or students accused of sexual harassment or intimidation are given an appropriate opportunity to defend themselves against such accusations.

To the greatest extent possible, complaints will be treated in a confidential manner. Limited disclosure may be necessary in order to complete a thorough investigation. Retaliation against persons who file a complaint is a violation of law prohibiting discrimination, and will lead to disciplinary action against the offender.

Building administrators shall insure that student handbooks include this policy as well as the name, address, and telephone number of the individual responsible for coordinating the school’s compliance efforts.

An individual with a complaint alleging a violation of this policy shall follow the Uniform Grievance Procedure.

Cross Reference: 3210 Uniform Grievance Procedure

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Drug Free School Zone

The Board recognizes that the misuse of drugs is a serious problem with legal, physical and social implications for the entire school community. As the educational institution of this community, the schools should strive to prevent drug abuse and help drug abusers by educational means where possible.

For purposes of this policy, “Drugs” shall mean:

A. all dangerous controlled substances as so designated and prohibited by Idaho law;

B. all chemicals which release toxic vapors;

C. all alcoholic beverages;

D. any prescription or patent drug, except those for which permission to use in school has been granted pursuant to Board policy;

E. “look-alikes”;

F. anabolic steroids;

G. any other illegal substances so designated and prohibited by law.

In accordance with Federal law, the Board hereby establishes a “Drug-Free School Zone” that extends 1000 feet from the boundary of any school property. The Board prohibits the use, possession, concealment, delivery, or distribution of any drug or any drug-related paraphernalia at any time on District property, within the Drug-Free School Zone, or at any district-related event. Furthermore, the Superintendent shall take the necessary steps to ensure that an individual eighteen (18) years of age or older who knowingly delivers or distributes controlled substances so designated and prohibited by Idaho law within the

Drug-Free School Zone to another person is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The superintendent shall prepare guidelines for the identification and regulation of drug use in the schools. Such guidelines shall emphasize the prevention of drug use and include a statement to students that use of illicit drugs and the unlawful possession of alcohol is harmful. The student handbook shall provide standards of conduct that are applicable to all students which clearly prohibit, at a minimum, the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students on school premises or as a part of any school activity.

Sanctions for violation of this or any other policy which addresses illegal drug and alcohol possession, use or distribution may include, together with punitive action, voluntary referral to appropriate persons or agencies for screening and assessment.

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Searches and Seizure

The following rules shall apply to any searches and the seizure of any property by school personnel:

1. The Superintendent, principal, and the authorized assistants of either shall be authorized to conduct any searches or to seize property on or near school premises, as further provided in this procedure.

2. If the administrator has reasonable suspicion to believe that any locker, car or other container of any kind on school premises contains any item or substance which constitutes an imminent danger to the health and safety of any person or to the property of any person or the District, the administrator is authorized to conduct a search of any car or container and to seize any such item or substance.

3. The administrator may perform random searches of any locker, car or container of any kind on school premises without notice or consent.

4. If the authorized administrator has any reasonable suspicion to believe that any student, staff member, or visitor has any item or substance in his/her possession, which constitutes an imminent danger to the property of any person or the District, the administrator is authorized to conduct a search of any car, container, or person and to seize any such item or substance.

5. No person shall hinder, obstruct or prevent any search authorized by this procedure.

6. Whenever circumstances allow, any search or seizure authorized in this procedure shall be conducted in the presence of at least one (1) adult witness, and a written record of the time, date and results shall be made by the administrator. A copy shall be forwarded to the Superintendent as soon as possible.

7. In the case of search of a person care will be taken to not violate that person’s private or intimate body parts. The person being searched may be asked to empty pockets on any clothing item.

8. In any instance where an item or substance is found which would appear to be in violation of the law, the circumstance shall be reported promptly to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

9. In any situation where the administrator is in doubt as to the propriety of proceeding with any search or seizure, the administrator is authorized to report to and comply with the directions of any public law enforcement agency.

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The ideal of sportsmanship permeates virtually every aspect of our culture. The ethic of fair play may be witnessed in all facets of life.

The ideal of sportsmanship has often been relegated to a secondary role, however, need exists to again make this role primary, and to restore placement of interscholastic activities in an educational perspective.

Everyone associated with an athletic event including coaches, athletes, officials, cheerleaders, spectators, and school administration play an important role in seeing that standards of sportsmanship are upheld before, during, and after a contest is played.

Be it resolved that the Sugar Salem School District defines sportsmanship as those qualities of behavior which are characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others.

The Spectator…….

1. Gains an understanding and appreciation for the rules of the contest.

2. Exercises self-control and displays good judgment in every action.

3. Appreciates a good play, no matter who makes it.

4. Never negatively addresses a player or official.

The Player…………..

1. Never forgets that they represent their school.

2. Respects officials and accepts their decisions without question.

3. Wins without boasting, loses without excuses, and never quits.

4. Lives clean and plays hard. Plays for the love of the game.

The Coach………….

1. Inspires in athletes a love for the game and the desire to win.

2. Teaches them that it is better to lose fairly than to win unfairly.

3. Leads players and spectators to respect officials by setting a good example.

4. Demonstrates the principles of integrity and dignity of the sport at all times.

In order to promote and recognize sportsmanship, the Sugar Salem School District supports the state effort sponsored by the Idaho High School Activities Association to encourage sportsmanship.
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