Mrs. Orme Makes a Difference

Lauri Orme

Mrs. Lauri Orme is a teacher who makes a difference. Over her 27- year career at Sugar-Salem, Mrs. Orme has primarily taught language arts at the junior high. She currently serves as the language arts department head and PLC lead. The students enjoy and respect her as evidenced by the following comments by her students:

“Mrs. Orme is a very nice teacher and is so kind.  So far, she is my favorite teacher and teaches so well. She is always willing to help anyone and everyone. Mrs. Orme is a very nice person even out of school!”

“Mrs. Orme is very kind to her students and is always happy. Even if she has troublemakers in her class, she hardly gets mad. She is very good at what she teaches and always does a good job.”

“Mrs. Orme is a hardworking teacher. She will always help if someone needs it. She is always so nice and funny. She cares about all the students she teaches. She doesn’t get mad if you accidentally mess up or make a mistake on an assignment. She is a very fun teacher to be around.”

“Mrs. Orme is so nice; she never yells, and she teaches so kindly, and you can always talk to her about anything.  One little fun/kind thing she does for us is whenever we take tests, she passes around a bowl of candy called brain food and that is very kind of her.”

“Mrs. Orme always has been one of my favorite teachers because she will always be happy and fun. She will always help you when you’re having trouble with work and will always make your day be better by having a great class.”

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