2018-2019 Academic Calendar Changed

Recently, our new superintendent, Chester Bradshaw, and the calendar committee met to discuss our school calendar and made changes. Those changes have now been approved by the school board, and will be in effect for next year. Click through to read about the changes and download the new calendar.

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Homecoming 2017

Click to enlarge. At 1:00 pm on Friday, the Homecoming Parade begins at the High School, going north from the east side to Kershaw where it will turn west until it gets to the first left turn. It will go south past Central and then west again on the north side of the Grey [...]

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Sugar-Salem School District Bond/Levy Information

Board of Trustees Approves August Bond Vote In a board meeting July 7, 2017 the Sugar-Salem Board of Trustees approved, for public vote, a $2,000,000 bond. This bond will help to repair or replace worn out maintenance items around the district. Much of this bond would go to continue repair of heating systems [...]

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