Mrs. Guymon Makes a Difference

Rachel Guymon

Rachel Guymon is in her 7th year teaching 4th grade at the Kershaw Intermediate School. She is a kind, hard-working teacher that truly enjoys sharing knowledge with students. Her classroom is a safe space where students have not only the opportunity to learn, but to be themselves as well. Her lessons are interactive and make learning a joy for the students. She has a growth mindset and believes that we should be continuously improving ourselves, even though it can be difficult.

Students have said the following about Mrs. Guymon:

She is so kind!

She is the coolest teacher ever!

Mrs. Guymon always answers our questions.

With her as my teacher, I actually want to go to school.

She treats us like her own kids.

Her classroom always feels safe.

She wants us to be the best us we can be!

Thank you Mrs. Guymon for making a difference.

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