Mrs. Arnold Makes a Difference

Mrs. Arnold is in her 16th year teaching English and Reading at Sugar-Salem High School. She is a dedicated teacher that works hard to help students reach their full potential both academically and socially. Students are not only taught the basic skills of reading, writing, and grammar, but how to interact appropriately with one another. Mrs. Arnold sets students up for success in the very beginning. Thank you, Mrs. Arnold, for making a difference.

Students have said the following about Mrs. Arnold:

She is so nice!

Her classroom is one of my favorite places!

I loved writing to my future self.

I love having time to finish stuff in class, I hate homework!

She lets us be creative.

She’s really organized so we always know what we’re doing in class.

She knows a lot of stuff.

She comes up with fun ways for us to learn.

Thank you Mrs. Arnold for making a difference.

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